Monday, June 19, 2017

Salvation is not a cheap experience

I love Elder Holland and love this message. How true it is. We need to realize that hard things and hard times refine us into and qualify us for Celestial glory, through the grace of Jesus Christ.

My mother gave a talk in sacrament meeting several weeks ago and I loved a story she told. It is a great story showing how, hard experiences are needed to qualify ourselves. Here is the story:

Certain Women - By Linda K. Burton
Certain Covenant-Keeping Women of the Restoration: Willing to Sacrifice

Anciently, certain women sacrificed as they testified and lived the teachings of Jesus. Certain women in the early days of the Restoration did the same. Drusilla Hendricks and her family were among those who, as new converts, suffered during the persecution of the Saints in Clay County, Missouri. Her husband was permanently paralyzed during the Battle of Crooked River. She was left to care for him as well as provide for her family.

“At one particularly distressing time, when the family was out of food, she remembered that a voice told her, ‘Hold on, for the Lord will provide.’”

When her son was needed to volunteer for the Mormon Battalion, at first Drusilla resisted and wrestled in prayer with Heavenly Father until “it was as though a voice said to her, ‘Do you not want the highest glory?’ She answered naturally, ‘Yes,’ and the voice continued, ‘How do you think to gain it save by making the greatest sacrifices?’”

We learn from this certain woman that covenant-keeping discipleship requires our willingness to sacrifice.

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