Thursday, June 8, 2017

New partnership with Nephi1524

am pleased to announce a new partnership with Tyler Story is a great friend of mine and he was inspired to start and we are both excited to start working together. The first adventure we will do together is to help more people Ponderize the scriptures even more. As you have already seen I have followed the following schedule:

Sunday/Monday - announce the new scripture for the week. 
Tuesday/Wednesday - post a quote about the scripture
Thursday/Friday - post a second quote about the scripture

Going forward, you can expect one quote from Spiritual Crusade and one quote from Nephi1524 each week. This will be great because Tyler will bring his own personality and style and together we will help more people Ponderize the good word of the Lord. 

Welcome Nephi1524!!!

Visit to start Ponderizing the scripture for the week and stay tuned for Nephi1524's first quote today or tomorrow. 😀

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