Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dream of the filthy water and entering paradise

If I remember correctly I drew this sometime in 2013. Below is my journal entry I made on May 5th 2015 about it.
I had this dream probably like 13 years ago and a few years back, I decided to draw my dream. It started out as just a great desire and longing of my heart to actually draw my dream, but the Lord blessed me and I was given the ability to get this far. It miraculously turned out way better than I could have dreamed. I am not an artist and this was my very first attempt ever, so for it to just come together was definitely a miracle. I still have to finish putting myself in the picture. It is really hard for me to draw people, but someday, I will draw myself as I pull myself out of the water onto the bridge.
So, here is my dream: I was walking along the path on the left, and the path kept getting smaller and smaller until there was no path left. In my dream, I remember getting deeper and deeper as I pressed forward. I was hanging on the fence and eventually, I only had my head out of the water and the fence was no longer in my reach. I felt as though I was going to drown and then I remember my hand grabbing a hold of the edge of the bridge and I was able to pull myself out of the water and entered into paradise. I was taught that the water represented "the world" or the filthiness of the world and that through hard work and the grace of God, I would one day overcome the world and entry into His rest. 
It is impossible to depict in a picture the feelings and the actual struggle that it was for me before I felt the bridge in my hand, but it was not quick or easy. Even after the Lord put the bridge in my hand, great effort was still required to pull myself out of the water to enter into his rest. The plan of salvation was never designed to be easy or a walk in the park, it requires great effort, struggle, and many failures along the way. But if we keep our eye focused on the goal, we will have power and assistance from on high every step of the way. And the reward is definitely worth the struggle.

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