Thursday, May 18, 2017

3 words that define who you want to be

Brendon Burchard technique: Pick three words that define who you want to be, and then put a reminder in your phone and repeat these words each day. 

A few weeks ago, I started having my kids pick their three words and whenever I see them, I ask them to repeat their three words. It has been really fun. Well on Friday, I texted my 15 year old to text me back her three words. She was the last to jump on the three words bandwagon, and she was at school, but I knew she would look for any excuse to not focus on school. Sure enough, a few minutes later she texted me her words. I was really excited because I knew what I was planning. I took her three words and made this picture quote out of them. I sent it to her, and I think I surprised her with it. :) She seemed to really love it. I am making one for each of my girls and then I am going to print them off and frame them. That way they can always look at them while they are getting dressed or just chilling in their rooms. I also made mobile wallpaper versions so they could save them to their phones or devises. 

If anyone would like one for themselves or for their children, just email me the three words, what signature you want instead of "Love Dad," and just a little bit about yourself or your child that would help me find the right picture as background. I will email it back once I finish it.

I have 9 kids so check back frequently to see all of their three words picture quotes. 






Kamryn 4 yrs old:

Brinley 2 yrs old:

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