Monday, April 3, 2017

Don't look around -Look up

What a great talk Elder Yoon Hwan Choi gave in Conference. The phrase that jumped out to me was: "Don't look around, look up." 

The following day, a coworker asked me, if my kids get much out of conference? I shared a few things that we do to help our children get more out of conference, which includes a fair amount of bribery.

Later that day, my wife shared with me that for part of homeschool she asked my 9 yr old daughter to give the spiritual thought about something she heard from Conference. She said that she really liked the part of not looking down, but looking up. She said that it is important that we are not sad but are happy.

I thought that was really neat and apparently they got more out of Conference than I had originally thought. 

Also, that same morning we had a company kickoff meeting and one story that was shared was about some kids staring at crabs in a bucket. When a crab starts to climb out, the other crabs will grab the crab climbing out and put it down. I thought, how different would the story be if the kids staring at the bucket would reach down and lift up the crab that was climbing out. Two totally different outcomes. When we look up to God in every thought, word, or action, He has power to lift us out of any situation, trial, or hardship. Sometimes in the foreknowledge of God, He knows that we need the experience that we will gain from remaining in our trials, and so instead of deliverance we are given great strength and aid from on High so that we can endure it well. 

Let us all do less looking around and just look up to God and put our trust in Him.