Monday, February 20, 2017

Youth Insights has been open for 1 Week

After 1 week, Youth Insights has 19 posts which is impressive. It got me thinking about the numbers. I was talking to Ashlyn and we did the math, if she simply found or created 1 quote/picture quote a day and two on Sundays, when she went on her mission she would have made 3,016 quotes , but my math was slightly off, it would actually be 3,336. Can you image going on your mission with 3,336 quotes floating around in your mind, it would be amazing. So, I did the math for Alexa and Lacie and the numbers were amazing as well. 

I think about how much I have grown spiritually since I started this blog and post everyday, I can only image how this could bless them. On Saturday, I took the kids to McDonald's to play so that my wife could prepare her talk that she gave yesterday. Ashlyn went to the bathroom and when she came back she told me of this picture she saw on the way to the bathroom, of a cliff and how she was thinking how that would make a really great picture quote. That made me so proud. That is a small glimpse into how posting 1 quote or scripture a day will bless their lives. 

I invite all who would like to join the Crusade on this spiritual journey of growth to post 1 quote or scripture a day and 2 on Sundays and just watch your spirituality grow and take flight.


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