Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We must be at the forefront of changing hearts and minds on theimportance of children

Quentin L. Cook posted on Facebook today, "we must be at the forefront of changing hearts and minds on the importance of children."

I couldn't agree more. Before I share his post, let me just add my two cents real quick. 

The Lord teaches us, "For of him unto whom much is given much is required; and he who sins against the greater light shall receive the greater condemnation." D&C 82:3

As Later-Day Saints we have been given the fullness of the Gospel of Christ and therefore we MUST do our duty to God and protect His innocent children, born and unborn. Let us never grow complacent or tolerant with the ways and views of the world. I love how Cook pleads for us to be "at the forefront of changing hearts and minds on the importance of children."

Here is his full post:

I had a sobering experience in Jerusalem last October. We visited the Children’s Memorial Museum, which is part of the World Holocaust Remembrance Center. Elder Holland and I, together with two American Jewish leaders, laid a remembrance wreath. As you move through the Children’s Memorial, the first names of the children and their age at death are announced one after another with a background of music that portrays this terrible atrocity. It is believed that over one million Jewish children were killed during the Holocaust.

As I experienced the museum, I was overcome with emotion and completely devastated. Standing outside to regain my composure, I reflected on the horror of the experience and suddenly realized that in the United States alone there are as many abortions every two years as the number of Jewish children killed in the Holocaust during the Second World War.

Now, as a lawyer, I am cognizant that the motives and intent are entirely different. Further, this is a problem that will probably not be solved by personal condemnation or judgmental accusations. With respect to the number and spacing of children, the health of the mother must be considered, and the decision should be made prayerfully by husbands and wives. Such decisions should never be judged by outsiders. Some faithful individuals are not able to have children or have the opportunity to marry. They will receive every blessing in heaven.

Nevertheless, Lucifer has supported abortion and convinced many people in a horrific paradigm shift that children represent lost opportunity and misery, instead of joy and happiness. Bringing children into the world is a sacred part of our Father in Heaven’s plan of happiness.

We are so numbed and intimidated by the immensity of the practice of abortion that many of us have pushed it to the back of our minds and try to keep it out of our consciousness. Clearly the adversary is attacking the value of children on many levels. We must be at the forefront of changing hearts and minds on the importance of children.


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