Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Unveiling the New and Improved Spiritual Crusade

Today is an exciting day!! I have worked hard at bringing together all my different blogs to give the look and feel of one inclusive website that flows. I feel that I have accomplished this fairly well. You will now notice a menu or navigation bar below the header image. 

This will allow you to go to each page/blog of my new Spiritual Crusade blog. Check out each of the pages and I hope you enjoy the new look and feel.

A few exciting things to announce. 

Picture Quotes

I have added a page on the menu bar called "Picture Quotes," that will pull up all the picture quotes that I have made. It is not a dedicated page, but it takes you to my quotes page and applies a label filter for "Picture Quotes." I think this is a nice new feature.

Youth Insights

I am super excited to announce my all new Youth Insights section. 

Again, you can find this on the top menu bar. I read the news article about President Eyring's son becoming the new President of BYU and I commented to my wife, how that shows great parenting. It got me thinking how I could involve my children more. Most of my posts are possibly on a deeper level and harder for them to understand. Originally, I thought about weekly just writing a post directed at them, but my wife didn't think they would be all that excited for that. Then the thought came to me, to create a whole section of my blog dedicated to the youth. When I told my girls about this, they got super excited. They have been having fun making their own picture quotes in anticipation for this new section.

It is now live, and open to old and young in an effort to center the minds of our youth on and around Christ. Get your children excited about finding/making picture quotes and then posting them on this new youth section, and of course commenting on the ones posted by others. I hope this can be more of a fun section of the blog.


Lastly, I would like to announce the new Ponderize section.

If you are like me and have fallen off the ponderizing bandwagon, it's time to jump back on. I have opened my Ponderize section, found at the top on the menu bar.

Remember to come back each week for the new scripture to Ponderize.

Now just have fun and enjoy the blog

Well, I think that about wraps up the new changes and announcements. Above all enjoy the new look and feel of the blog, and as always share my blog with your friends and family and go over and follow and like us on Facebook.


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