Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Put away all your false traditions

This is a favorite quote of mine. We need to open our hearts and minds to allow the works of God to flow through us, unrestrained. We truly get in our own way in progressing and becoming like Christ. Let us put away all our stakes and false traditions and truly come unto Christ.

"I say to all those who are disposed to set up stakes for the Almighty, You will come short of the glory of God. To become a joint heir of the heirship of the Son, one must put away all his false traditions.”

“The great thing for us to know is to comprehend what God did institute before the foundation of the world. Who knows it? It is the constitutional disposition of mankind to set up stakes and set bounds to the works and ways of the Almighty. … That which hath been hid from before the foundation of the world is revealed to babes and sucklings in the last days [see D&C 128:18].”

Teachings: Joseph Smith Chapter 22: Gaining Knowledge of Eternal Truths


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