Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly Challenge: Pioneer Heritage

I think it is time to have some fun. Each week I will have a new challenge to participate in. This week it is Pioneer Heritage.

Just post a comment below with your favorite quote, thought, or story.

If you would like to post a picture quote (meme), just click the link below and upload the meme to my Dropbox and I will add it for you. Still make a comment so I know to look for your meme.

On Sunday, I will compile all the comments together and update the post to include everyone's comments.

Enjoy the challenge!!


Here is my contribution, it is the #1 quote on my blog,

"It is not enough to study or reenact the accomplishments of our pioneers. We need to identify the great, eternal principles they applied to achieve all they achieved for our benefit and then apply those principles to the challenges of our day. In that way we honor their pioneering efforts, and we also reaffirm our heritage and strengthen its capacity to bless our own posterity and those millions of our Heavenly Father's children who have yet to hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all pioneers in doing so." Dallin H. Oaks

Submitted by Debbie: The Truth of God Shall Go Forth

Elder M. Russell Ballard

This is not to suggest that our challenges today are more severe than the challenges faced by those who have gone before us. They are just different. The Lord isn’t asking us to load up a handcart; He’s asking us to fortify our faith. He isn’t asking us to walk across a continent; He’s asking us to walk across the street to visit our neighbor. He isn’t asking us to give all of our worldly possessions to build a temple; He’s asking us to give of our means and our time despite the pressures of modern living to continue to build temples and then to attend regularly the temples already built. He isn’t asking us to die a martyr’s death; He’s asking us to live a disciple’s life.

Submitted by Shauna: 


  1. “By the time the grass began to grow the famine had waxed sore. For several months we had no bread. Beef, milk, pig-weeds, segoes [lily roots], and thistles formed our diet. I was the herd-boy, and while out watching the stock, I used to eat thistle stalks until my stomach would be as full as a cow’s. At last the hunger was so sharp that father took down the old bird-pecked ox-hide from the limb; and it was converted into most delicious soup.” The settlers freely cooperated and shared with each other and so were able to survive this difficult time.

    I love this challenge! I'm so humbled my the pioneers and the willingness to endure cheerfully!

    1. It is so difficult to try and imagine what circumstances they had to endure through. It sure makes our challenges look small in comparison. Thanks for posting!!

  2. Wow! Shauna that is a fantastic quote! It's amazing all they were able to endure!! Thanks for that! :)