Friday, January 13, 2017

It’s unfair! It’s all unfair!

Robert L. Millet

“Stated bluntly, all of us are guilty of sin. All of us are in need of pardoning mercy. All of us fall short of the divine standard. . . .

“Inasmuch as each of us is a recipient of unending and unmerited grace, how can we, in the spirit of Christian charity—or in the attitude of sane discourse—speak of the Lord’s pardoning mercy toward wayward children as unfair? Of course it’s unfair! It’s all unfair! That a pure and innocent man should suffer and agonize over others’ transgressions is not fair. That he who had never taken a backward step should tread the winepress alone, ‘even the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God’ (D&C 76:107; 88:106) and thereby descend below all things (see D&C 88:6), is not fair. That the lowly Nazarene should be subjected to the ignominy and unspeakable torture of crucifixion is patently not fair. But the plan of the Father is not a plan of fairness, at least as we judge fairness from our limited perspective; it is a plan of mercy.” (When a Child Wanders, pp. 129-131)


Image Source: Adam Abrams, Gethsemane, © 2008 Adam Abrams.

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