Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Consequences: Natures Way of Teaching

We have a tendency to try and protect our children/friends/family/country from negative consequences. This tendency comes from a place of love but the outcome may be more harmful than helpful. The more we learn that there aren’t consequences for our actions, the less we prepare for and take seriously the decisions that are placed before us. From the big one time decisions of choosing a career or spouse, to the little daily decisions of flossing our teeth, eating healthily, waking up early and going to bed early... If we learn from a young age that no matter what we do there will be no negative consequences, then there will be less motivation to diligently study out the possible outcomes of our decisions. We will tend to make progressively worse decisions until we find ourselves miserable with no understanding that it was ourselves that led us to this position looking for others to bail us out and blaming others for our bad lot in life.
Consequences are nature’s way of teaching us fact from fiction, right from wrong, and good from evil.


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