Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Commandments. Harsh word right? Who would want anyone telling them what to do?
As parents we know that certain actions will lead to our children's happiness and others will lead to misery or death. Like don't play in the road, or don't take candy from strangers in vans... but there comes a time when we are no longer able to be physically with our kids and we have to let them experience life. If we make all of the decisions then there is no growth. At some point, all we can do is give directions and hope that they will listen.
If we as parents can know what could be good counsel for our children, wouldn't the God of the Universe have a good idea of what might be good counsel and guidance for us? Why do we feel the need to learn everything ourselves instead of searching out the commandments?
I think the biggest struggle that people have is trusting in His love. If He truly loved us, why would he let bad things happen?
If you love your kids, why would you let them out of your site where bad things might happen to them?
I have 3 daughters and a son on the way. I've never understood love as well as I do now.
Any rules I give my children, come from my love for them and desire to guide them to a life of happiness and hopefully avoid as much heartache as possible.
To me Gods commandments are an example of His love. I have had to have faith to obey His commandments, but now I can look back and better see the wisdom in each commandment.
Now that I understand the wisdom behind the commandments, and the joy that comes of following them, I constantly am searching for more of them to follow, not fewer. The more I follow them, the more freedom I feel, not less.
I completely trust in the love of my Father above, and know that He is watching out for all of us, through the use of commandments!


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