Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Adam to Noah Chart

As you can see, in this chart that I put together, Lamech, Noah's father, knew and was taught personally by Adam, and not just Adam but all the great prophets that lived before him as well. This is important because they were taught by Adam who knew God and Jesus and conversed with them face to face. They knew without any doubt about the Garden of Eden and the fall. Can you imagine being taught at the feet of Adam and Eve about what they personally saw and experienced in the Garden of Eden, pretty amazing.

Joseph Smith said, "From the foregoing it is easily to be seen, not only how the knowledge of God came into the world, but upon what principle it was preserved; that from the time it was first communicated, it was retained in the minds of righteous men, who taught not only their own posterity but the world; so that there was no need of a new revelation to man, after Adam's creation to Noah, to give them the first idea or notion of the existence of a God; and not only of a God, but the true and living God." Lectures on Faith, Lecture 2

Click the link below to download the PDF version of the chart.!AhWZhBCJARpmg4NFg3lMRH3y89fgCA


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  1. Wow!! I love that chart!!! It really emphasizes the need for families! That is how the work of the Lord moves forth!! As you look at the overlap...that's how I relate it to my life...whose life overlaps with mine...and am I leaving them with the light that has been given to me!?