Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why I share

Yesterday a good friend of mine told me that he appreciated all of my posts and thought that they were wonderful. Then he asked me why I was posting them. It never occurred to me that people might not understand why I was making my posts. I gave him a quick answer, something like: I felt like I should. But the question has stuck with me and has given me more time to ponder the answer, so here is a more in depth answer.
I have had a drink of the most delicious juice imaginable, and I want to share it.
I have eaten of a fruit so delicious, that I desire everyone to have some of it.
I have an inner joy so great that I find myself unable to contain my emotions, on occasion several times a day.
I desire everyone to feel this, and I am willing to put myself out there. Most of you reading this probably remember me as more of a goof ball, more sarcastic than serious. I didn't realize the importance of what I had, and I apologize for any times I've been less than a disciple of Jesus Christ should be.
That juice, that fruit, is the love of God! We can feel it and know Him. Many people will use the expression: God knows me, He knows my heart. That is true, but do you know Him? Do you know His love?
Coming to know Him requires effort on our part. We must keep His commandments, and learn to follow His light! That little voice inside of us that tells us to do good, don't let rationalization quiet that voice! Follow it back to Him!


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