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How to share the beautiful message of the Lord Jesus Christ

How to share the beautiful message of the Lord Jesus Christ

Heavenly Father Has a Special Plan - Ensign May 2000 - ensign Highlights

Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi Of the Seventy

First, cultivate an awareness; bring others to a knowledge. President Gordon B. Hinckley teaches us: "Let there be cultivated an awareness in every member's heart of his [or her] own potential for bringing others to a knowledge of the truth. … Let him pray with great earnestness about it. Let each member pray."

Second, a good example is our best tool. President Hinckley taught us, "The most effective tract we will carry will be the goodness of our own lives." As we live the gospel, we will be like a lighthouse on a hilltop, "the light" and "the salt of the earth."

We can partake of "the love of God," "the tree of life," and drink from "the fountain of living waters" daily by communing with our Holy Father, immersing ourselves in the scriptures, and meditation. Then the Lord will bless us to be more sensitive to speak to those souls which He has prepared for us.

Third, act at a time when you feel the Spirit. Elder M. Russell Ballard taught us: "The key to success in bringing souls unto Christ is to act at a time when you feel the Spirit and you sense that your friend does also. … Through our faith, our trust in the Lord, and our good works, we can bring many souls unto the Lord."

As we seek and pray in faith, the Lord will guide us, and His elect will soon embrace "the glad tidings of great joy," to partake of the eternal and "infinite atonement" of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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