Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Big Brother

Growing up I wasn’t ever really sure what I wanted to do for work, but I was sure about one thing, whatever it was, I wanted to be doing it with my older brother John.  He was always there to give me counsel when I was being an idiot, and guidance when it was needed.  I could always tell that he was wise so I would follow his counsel.

Five and a half years ago I graduated dental school and made him 50% partner in my dental practice knowing that 50% of something amazing, was better than 100% of something average.  He helped fund my practice and has helped guide it to become one of the most successful dental practices that I am aware of, in one of the most competitive markets in the country.  Whenever I have offered to pay him, he has preferred to just reinvest the money into the practice for it to grow.  We are now opening up our second dental practice and have plans for many more.  

Whenever he has other fun business projects, he always makes me a full partner in them also like Bored Shorts TV, CVX Live, and Eleviz.

15 years ago my family was divided and fell apart, and he has been instrumental in bringing my family back together by holding family get togethers in his home for all of the holidays and sometimes just for family firesides, as well as working one on one with each of us, helping us in any way that he can.   

He also helped make it possible for me to live next door to him.

I can’t help but draw some comparisons to my other big brother, my Savior Jesus Christ.  He loves, guides and counsels us, and when we listen, it brings us joy.  

When we decide to give Him a percentage of ourselves we find that we become a much better version of ourselves that we never could have become on our own.  

The more we are willing to do His will, the more He can involve us in His projects of feeding His sheep and helping bring them home.  

Whenever we have fallen, are divided, sick, or afflicted, He helps put us back together.

He prepares our home for us with our Father above.  

Our Savior has done and does do everything possible for us to be able to make it back home, He even suffered more than we can imagine for our sins and was crucified by the very people He was dying to save.  He does live, He does listen, and He does love us, and we can know Him.  I hope that we will all take advantage of the love of our Big Brother who waits with arms wide open to receive us!


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