Wednesday, December 14, 2016

6th Sense

I had a dream last night where I was up on the stage of a talk show, and the host asked me to explain why I believe in the church on a stage in front of a lot of mocking people.  My response was something like this.

We all have a 6th sense, our conscience that actually is our spirit.  As far as man has come in his understanding of the sciences, we can’t make anything come alive.  We could make the exact makeup of a seed, but it won’t grow.  We could make the exact makeup of a person, but it won’t come to life. That is because it is missing this essential part, the spirit.  The conscience is a literal, actual, testable thing.  As proven in a study at the University of Utah, there are signals inside of our brain specific to responding to these receptors, and whenever we are obedient to the dictates of our conscience and that Holy Spirit that guides us, we get a positive response from our brain, which according to the study, is similar in response to taking drugs.  The more we ignore those promptings, the farther we are from our Heavenly Father and the more spiritually dead we become.  This distance creates a depression which doctors will treat with drugs made to mimic the feeling of being close to the spirit.  This however doesn’t solve the problem because our bodies develop tolerances and addictions to these drugs, and only make us more numb to the still small whispering of our conscience as we distance ourselves from our Heavenly Father.  

Now back to the question, why am I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, because following that little voice inside of my brain, listening and obeying the things that it directs me to do has brought me to know that it is true.  Just like you know that a rose smells like a rose, or that the sky blue, or that a song is beautiful, or the love from the embrace of a loved one, I know that Jesus truly is my Savior, and that I belong to His restored church.


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